VideoGames can ruin your life

How Video Games can ruin your life, is that if you are a gaming FREAK that has nothing to do with your life. You can end up living in your mother’s basement playing video games for the rest of your life and getting fat by not doing any exercise, eating pizza and other junk foods like candy, ice cream and other stuff with sugar!!!!
When you grow up, you should do exercises with friends if you are a gamer that plays all day and eats junk foods. If you sit in your mothers basement and play video games all day, you should eat healthy or have your mother force you to healthy.
Yes video games are fun, but it’s not fun when you are fat sitting on your couch and can’t get up… You should always have some one or something always reminding you to eat healthy and be healthy, like you should go hiking with your friends or you could somewhere over the rainbow.
Don’t let video games ruin your life by wasting them. Do more active stuff with your life then just playing video games 24/7, and doing interactive stuff is better with for your life then playing video games 24/7.





School is the place were people have fun and learn. But some people don’t like school because they think that it is boring, and that’s okay because they might just need a friend or just someone to cheer them up. School is one of my favorite things in life, and sometimes I think that it is boring, but that’s only when there is just sit and listen. I think that school should have more active activities then just sitting and listening. I think that you should be able to like do more then sit and listen.

The Killer Unicorn


.The KIller Unicorn.

      One day a kindergartener was walking home and on his way home he hears a something in a bush so he moves closer to the bush and he see’s a unicorn. He moves closer to pet the unicorn on the head but he see’s that the unicorn is eating little people. He goes to run from the unicorn but it was too late for  little James. The unicorn was already on him and  tries to get the unicorn off of him but the unicorn was too big for little James and it was too late for him because the unicorn already ate his face off of his body. James parents didn’t even care for James because they’re the ones who sent the killer unicorn after James. THE END or is it… ???


unicorn… 🙂

Don’t hide it show it.

 Smiles you will always have one in side of you even if you are so angry 🙁 you can always smile 🙂 .
Anger is just a way to hide your little smiley face that is waiting to come out of you on to your face.
Smiles could be like a flower that waiting to bloom and show its happiness.
Don’t be afraid to show your smile, because even I have a hard time to just show my smile at school and at home.
Don’t be afraid to show your smile!

some great places to visit in Oregon

     Some great places to visit in Oregon are Spencer’s Butte, the coast, and Battle Rock in Port Orford. !!Hold on to your hats because it is very windy and rainy, but it is still a nice places to go and visit. In Port Orford you can get some of the most greatest seafood like fish and chips, crab cakes, fish, oysters,  lobster and clam. There are not that many stores there, but you can enjoy the view of the ocean and the night sky!!! 🙂

where I would want to live is …

       Were I would want to live is Oregon because it is mostly rainy  and I like rain and cold weather it is sometimes sunny. In the summer it’s not always sunny for most of the summer it is most of the time dark and cloudy just how I like it and you can get some really good sea food like sushi crab and real good fish. In the winter there can be up five inches of snow. Oregon is a fun place to live!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tips On Giving Good Comments


Try to say some thing nice about the post even if you don’t know if you like the post just try and try to make that person feel good about there posts. If you would want to have nice comments on your posts, post good comments on others posts and try to check out other people’s posts  and comment on people’s blogs that you don’t know that around the world like in china.

When commenting on others blogs don’t just say I like it or it’s cool thats a  bad comment or don’t just spam the comments like hi or stuff like uhgsdyutouehfh8ogenrfng that nobody likes that on their blogs like spam on their blogs it’s not nice if you read this please be nice and don’t post bad comments please and thank you…?!!